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Let's try to make all of this as simple as possible :)

What is required for me to book a session?

- $150 non-refundable deposit, contract, questionnaire

If I have to cancel can I get my deposit back?

- Unfortunately, no. Please understand, as a business, when I book you I am unable to book someone else. If you cancel, I've missed your business and anyone else's I could've had in your place. This is a difficult topic but it is necessary.

Is there a rescheduling fee?

- Yes. If you have to reschedule for any reason at all, positive/exposure to COVID included, there is a $50 rescheduling fee each time. The only time there is not a rescheduling fee is due to weather. Please see your contract as well as fees are different for weddings and portrait sessions

What if I'm late to my session?

- Unfortunately, however late you are is time deducted from your session. If your session is 1 hour long, starts 6pm, and you arrive at 6:30pm then there are 30 minutes left in your session

If there's a deposit, when is the total due?

- For a regular session, the balance is due the day before the session unless we've discussed otherwise (usually due to weather). For a wedding, the balance is due a week prior to the event

How long will I have access to my photos?

- If you're a senior, your photos are available until the end of June of your graduating year. EX: If you're in the class of 2023, your photos are available to you until the end of June 2023. I highly suggest downloading and saving all your photos in several places. Wedding photos will be available for 5 years. All other sessions are available for 6 months. 

When will I receive my photos?

- During the slow season (December - March) I anticipate a 2 week turn around. During the busy season, for me, April-November (especially August-October), anticipate 4 weeks. Weddings anticipate 6 weeks

Do you do sneak peeks?

- Yes! You'll get about a handful of photos within 48 hours

How many photos will I get?

- Every package is different so refer to the PDF sent to you for your specific session. Weddings range from 200-600 particularly depending on the length of the wedding

Do you help with posing/instructions?

- Oh yes! Don't worry yourself! I will tell you what to do with your hands, fix your hair, create connection, I got it all under control!

Do you charge a travel fee?

- Depends. Most weddings and senior packages have the travel fee included. If your session is outside of a 30 mile radius of Portland, we will calculate your fee based on the location(s) you choose for your session. 

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