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 This is just a simple outfit guideline from what I have learned over the years as a photographer! Picking outfits for your session can be stressful and often times difficult. I want to make it as easy as possible.

     Just remember to have fun, keep it simple, and be yourself. The photos will reflect who you are as a couple, family, or whatever it may be no matter what! Don't try to be anyone else!

Tip #1: 

     Dress appropriate for the location, unpredictable weather, and bring extra shoes (if need be!). Never soley rely on heels to get you where you need to be.. I want you to be as comfortable as possible and hurting feet won't help anyone! 


Tip #2: 

     When it comes to picking an outfit, there are certain things you definitely want to avoid. I say this to make sure your photos are the best they can be. Some clothing photographs better than others, so please keep that in mind! 

                                     What to avoid:

     - Avoid neon / fluorescent colors (especially lime green, salmon, or neon orange) as these articles of clothing can distract from the scenery, your faces, or reflect in the sun and cause your skin to have different colors on it. 

     - Avoid colors that match the scenery. For example: if we are taking photos in the forest - do NOT wear green. 

     - Avoid wearing bracelets, big watches, or other distracting wrist items. This can take away from the photo more than you'd think - especially when it comes to detailed ring or hand shots. 

     - Avoid wearing bold, striped patterns or very heavily patterned articles of clothing. Plaid is not a highly recommended pattern as it is typically not very flattering.


     - Avoid wearing too much makeup. This excludes weddings as this is your big day and you deserve to look and feel exactly how you want! Be sure to ask whoever you choose for makeup if they have any examples of makeup they have done and to request a more natural look. 

     - Avoid spray tans if at all possible. If you have to get a spray tan, choose an olive tone and get it about a week or so before so it has time to fade.

     - Avoid wearing matching clothing, especially when it comes to family or couple sessions. This can make you appear as a sort of 'blob' and isn't the most flattering, For example, if you wear a black top, have your significant other or one of your family members wear a lighter top. If you want to give it a try, be sure to reach out to me first! I will gladly point you in the right direction. 

Tip #3:

     Now that I've listed the things to avoid when it comes to your session, I will now give you examples of things to shoot for when it comes to your outfit!  

                                            Things to wear: 

     - Wear neutral/earth tone colors. Neutral colors are what almost all photographers recommend when it comes to photos, and it's for a good reason. Colors like whites, creams, tans, blacks, blues, burgundy, or caramels are P E R F E C T for any photo session! You also can't go wrong with earth/jewel tones.

Keep in mind, almost all colors have neutrals to them. If you have a specific color you love, don't be afraid to wear it. Just remember when looking for your desired color that you look for something more mildly hued rather than bright & bold. If you have something you love and aren't sure it'll photograph well, reach out to me! I have helped hundreds of my clients find their perfect outfit and I will be happy to do the same for you.

     - Wear different textures - this is a big one! Throw some lace in there!

     - Wear outfits that compliment each other and the spot where your photos will be held, but do NOT match. If you need help on whether or not your outfit is complimenting, reach out to me. 

     - Wear / bring layers with you. If you are wearing a dress that isn't very fitting to your form and is more loose, bring a belt! Flowy, sometimes, can look rather unflattering. Having the option of a belt can help you so much in the long run.

     - Wear flowy items. You're probably sitting there thinking I am contradicting what I said above. While that is slightly true, some items that are flowy look better. I absolutely love photographing flowy dresses or skirts - these make for amazing photos and give you the option to twirl, throw, and spin that dress around. 

Tip #4:

     Now that I've given you an idea of what to wear, the best way to bring it home is if I give you an idea of where to find great clothing to bring out the best looking you in our session together.

     Here are a few of my favorite clothing stores or online boutiques. All of these I have personally ordered from or shopped in and highly recommend. 


     - TJ Maxx. If you're searching for clothing on the more affordable side, TJ Maxx is where I shop for pretty much all of my clothing. This store would be perfect to look in and see if anything fits your desired look. 

     - Shein is an online, super affordable clothing site. This one is a hit or miss (kind of like Amazon). I have ordered from there personally and the clothing I got for the price blew me out of the water. If you're planning on ordering from there, read the reviews and make sure they're good - and you'll be perfectly fine! 

     - Amazon. If you have the internet, you've probably ordered from Amazon. Amazon is great for shopping for clothing and there are tons of options there. Again, remember to order your outfit well in advance and to read the reviews! 

     - Forever 21. Forever 21 is perfect for a hipster, vintage look as well! All of their clothing is gorgeous and would look good in a session with me. 

If you are willing to spend a little more on your outfits, here are some links to boutiques with gorgeous options that photograph well:

Baltic Born


Mia Joy (joyfolie)


     Again, if you find yourself stuck or indecisive, even in the dressing room, email me or text me! I have helped almost all of my clients find an outfit that was perfect for them - and I will help you, too.

Other helpful tips: 

     - Be early for your session. I CANNOT stress this enough. Being late for your session only makes you feel rushed and in a bad mood. If you're on time or even early, this can give you the chance to relax, listen to music, talk with your significant other or family, and fix your hair or lipstick. Being on time is key to the perfect session.

     - Bring a blanket or winter coat, if it's cold. If it's cold, a blanket or coat that photograph well would be the perfect add on for a session.

     - Be confident and prepare to have lots of fun!

As a photographer I strive to bring about the natural, fun side to my clients. I strive to make them laugh and completely forget I am taking their photos. If you're confident for your session, you'll look confident in your photos. If you're ready to laugh and have a good time, then you'll look amazing. I can't stress this enough! 

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